US Presidential Election: Media Endorsing Hillary Clinton

This year in US presidential election, a lot of newspapers are unlikely endorsing a Democratic candidate over a Republic candidate, which result a great amount of subscription cancellation to these newspapers. But publishers have also said that a lot of new subscriptions are also made. These newspapers have long history of backing up republic candidates but this time they have chosen a democrat instead of a republican.

The Arizona Republic publication was startedin 1890 and since then it has never taken a side of a democratic candidate andfor the first time in more than 120 years of its history, it is endorsing ademocrat. The Republic endorsed Hillary Clinton for the president.The Dallas Morning also had not favored ademocrat since World War II but this year they endorsed Hillary for president. In its 34 years history, USA TODAY has nevertaken a side of a candidate in presidential election. But for the first timethis publication has urged their reader to not to vote for Trump in oneof its article last week.

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