Travel Price Projection 2017

Travel price projection 2017 is showing 6 key risks which could affect the Travel Industries as well as the Global Economy. The main risks might impact and be affected of different markets, such as: financial market turbulence, US interest rates, geopolitical risk, Brexit impact, oil prices and overall market performance.

1. Air Price Projection 2017

A slight airline price increment of 2.5% is projected globally in 2017.  The highest price increment is projected in Eastern Europe region of 4.0% followed by North America region with 3.7%. The greatest fall in prices is projected in Latin America and Caribbean region with -1.9%. Region/Projection Percentage:Asia Pacific-1.1%Eastern Europe 4.0%Western Europe 0.5%Middle East and Africa 2.0%Latin America and  The Caribbean -1.9%North America 3.7% Global 2.5%    

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